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The Trade Process of Lineage2 Adena

Dear players of Lineage2, Welcome to Itemgarden:

Please check the trade process as follows first before you place an order, thank you!

  1. Please select the server you are in and the quantity you need, then place the order and send the payment. We will check your order and payment information strictly. Please guarantee the authenticity of your information. We promise to keep secret for all your information. Please don't send payment to us directly without placing order.
  2. After sending payment, please log in game and wait the whisper from our delivery man at the gatekeeper you select in order. When delivery man meets you, he will trade with you.
  3. We can trade with you in game in 30 or 40 minutes after you send the payment. During the waiting period, you can check the order status on our page. If you get no message from us after 40 minutes, please refer to the situation as follows:
    1. Your order or payment can't pass our checking. Please log in your paypal account to check if you get the refund from us. For the orders,which can't pass the checking, we will refund to you in 45 minutes after getting the payment. If you don't get adena or refund, please come on live help operator for further information.
    2. You pay the order via echeck,bankwire or some other pending payment method. Then we will send email to your paypal email address to arrange the trade time and location, when the payment is cleared. It will take 4~5 working days to clear the payment if there is no any problem between and bank.
    3. The server name or character name is not correct. Please check your paypal email or contact email, we will send you a letter for your correction.
  4. We will check the characters in game some time. We have the right to reject the order form the player who can't prove his level in game. So, we suggest you to trade with us via your high level character with armor and weapon. We will keep secret for your character , level and all information.
  5. After delivering, please check your paypal email box, you will get a receipt from us. Please read and reply it as the request in the letter.