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Well! That service I just had from Nancy were excellent!

Keep up this good work and prices! ;) WOW EU Gold|Shattered Hand Horde|Gold 32000, 2013-08-13  Joa***Carlsson

was wery kind and helpfull :)

the best currency service there is ! ;) Diablo 3 Gold|EU Hardcore|Gold 550, 2013-08-14  Fa****Guðnason

Thanks for awsome and fast service

WOW EU Gold|Stormscale Horde|Gold 163800, 2013-08-11  Mar***Bajs

good information and quick response time

WOW EU Gold|Saurfang Alliance|Gold 30000, 2013-08-11  paris***wick

Wonderful service by Nancy

quick and easy answer that makes me feel that itemgarden is serious and have good people working for them. WOW EU Gold|Conseil des Ombres Alliance|Gold 120000, 2013-08-11  jer***birac

Excellent service after a few seconds could give me a detailed answer on everything I asked

WOW EU Gold|Nemesis Alliance|Gold 60000, 2013-07-18  Mi*****Sirtori

Very pleasant to talk to, helpful and cooperative, will be sure to use this website again.

WOW EU Gold|Outland Alliance|Gold 60000, 2013-07-10  Cam****Bruce

Very nice person! Makes me feel like a valued customer and I like that in a company. Keep it up itemgarden

WOW EU Gold|Ravencrest Alliance|Gold 40000, 2013-07-17  Ma****Lillejord

Very helpful, fast polite and greatful for my custom.will allways buy from itemgarden

Diablo EU Gold|EU Normal|Gold 1105, 2013-07-11 geo***hickman

This was a textbook service! Im very happy to see that this still exists. Super service, fast service. Perfect!

WOW EU Gold|Outland Alliance|Gold 84000, 2013-07-11  Martin****jerg

The representative was very polite and friendly. They provided a fast and helpfull service :)

WOW US Gold|Shu'halo Horde|Gold 50000, 2013-07-10  Da***Searle

warm and very customerservice minded service, good answers and perfect handling of questions.
 couldnt have been more perfect...

WOW EU Gold|Lightbringer Alliance|Gold 126000, 2013-05-18  BoJoh****

Wery honest and nice service=)

WOW EU Gold|Nordrassil Alliance|Gold 86000, 2013-05-22  Ei***Galborgen

Very clear and polite and helped me through everything :) thank you very much im quite satisfied with the speed and honesty

WOW EU Gold|Turalyon Alliance|Gold 85000, 2013-05-21  ipy***kifukwe

Representative was fast and straight to the point, and also friendly.

WOW EU Gold|Shattered Hand Horde|Gold 60000, 2013-05-21  Ro***Williamsi

realy kind , good and clear service, everyting was great, keep up the good work

Diablo 3 Gold|EU Normal|Gold 1105M, 2013-05-18  Re***Grobbe

Really fast, good and reliable I always get my order at any time! really nice you should sell mounts n tcg stuff  would be awesome to find a cheap spectral tiger :)

WOW EU Gold|Kazzak Horde|Gold 100000, 2013-05-20 Sham***abbas

special offers. good service and fast delivery.

WOW EU Gold|Stormreaver Horde|Gold 87000, 2013-05-08  Ju***Lammi

was verry fast deliver, almost instant. good service too!

WOW EU Gold|Kazzak Horde|Gold 32000, 2013-05-07  Kri***fferreite

Very good service and fast transaction!

WOW EU Gold|Stormscale Horde|Gold 182000, 2013-05-06  Thomas****elund

quick answer, with all the information needed, and very supportive.. Also like the fact that you make an effort for ur costumers to feel safe regarding the service :)

WOW EU Gold|Shattered Hand Horde|Gold 30000, 2013-05-04  joh***johnsen

She told me exactly what I wanted to know. good service!

WOW EU Gold|Draenor Alliance|Gold 30000, 2013-05-04  Han***Engström

i dont think i could ask for a better service 110% extremely  fast and very nice to chat too thank you.

WOW EU Gold|Terokkar Alliance|Gold 62000, 2013-05-01  da***dowling

i love your service, its so fast not even take 10 min thanks :D

WOW EU Gold|Stormscale Horde|Gold 39000, 2013-05-01  Mat****Olsen

Was very good, got info on stock and made purchase after that, very pleasant live chat person helped me !

Diablo 3 Gold|EU Hardcore|Gold 440M, 2013-04-22  Fre****Nelson

it went very well!:)Good service and good communication.

Diablo 3 Gold|EU Normal|Gold 885M, 2013-04-23  Mor***Aalberg

amazing service, quick delivery, thankyou very much for the gold :)! great guys!

RuneScape Gold|Old Shool|Gold 5M, 2013-04-22  a***jennings

Everything was perfect. My problem was solved in a minute.

Lineage 2 Adena|Chronos|Adena 2000M, 2013-04-22  Mic***Prusa

Extremely fast and very good service :)

WOW EU Gold|Twisting Nether Horde|Gold 121000, 2013-04-22  Mich***Johansen

I love itemgarden, used it for 3 years now. exelent service every time.

WOW EU Gold|Sylvanas Alliance|Gold 33000, 2013-04-20  Håv***Sørsdal

Incredible speed with delivery, got it instantly!Carrie answared my every chat. GREAT!

WOW EU Gold|Frostmane Alliance|Gold 84000, 2013-04-20  joh****solsson

good service, fast delivery and extra gold when I ordered, thumbs up!

WOW EU Gold|Sylvanas Horde|Gold 35000, 2013-04-08  Ha***Gustafsson

So far i've had a very good experience with the customer support on your site. Nice, quick and honest answers. Thank you :)

WOW EU Gold|Magtheridon Alliance|Gold 80000, 2013-04-10  du****Bernar

order was complete in 10 mins. perfect!

WOW EU Gold|Bloodhoof Horde|Gold 35000, 2013-04-08  ****ckers

Fast and nice answers. problem solved

WOW EU Gold|Al'Akir Horde|Gold 40000, 2013-04-08  Tom****selius

Awesome assistance! The Operator Linda was very helpful! always grat service! Keep up the good work!

FFXI Gil|Ragnarok|Gil m, 2013-04-07  A***Posapiano

very fast response and excellent service :)

WOW EU Gold|Lightbringer Alliance|Gold 41000, 2013-04-06  nik***brandt

Good service, I got the help i needed and i got it fast.

WOW EU Gold|Sylvanas Alliance|Gold 62000, 2013-04-06  Mats-****Lind

BEST GW2 gold site there is no scam not a long waiting time very nice people 10/10 id sugest use these guys for any mmo game you play AWESOME =)

Guild Wars 2 Gold|Guild Wars 2 US|Gold 260, 2013-04-06  dan***saraci

Got helped by lovely Hellen, super friendly and my order was delivered in 4mins afther paymend.
 Thanks again itemgarden & hellen <3

Diablo 3 Gold|EU Normal|Gold 2204, 2013-04-06  G****Kuppers

Itemgarden has always been one of my favorites sites to buy gold from, becurse of it's high level of service. So i can't really find somethink to make better. Thanks for a good service :)

WOW EU Gold|Frostmane Alliance|Gold 31000, 2013-04-06  Phi****jensen

Good english,  fast answers,  and great service :)

WOW EU Gold|Grim Batol Alliance|Gold 75000, 2013-04-06  And****Langfeldt

i got my gold right away, nice thx awesome!

WOW EU Gold|Ragnaros Horde|Gold 84000, 2013-04-05  Mi**Ravantti

Stay as you are, its really good service :) i will tell my friends that they should use itemgarden to buy gold.

WOW EU Gold|Neptulon Alliance|Gold 38000, 2013-03-11  fre****skugghei

Fast response! Gently and really competent! <3

WOW EU Gold|Nemesis Horde|Gold 161000, 2013-03-12  Ste****Filardo

Excellent customer service skills and very fast service.

WOW EU Gold|Sylvanas Alliance|Gold 38000, 2013-03-13  M***Leonard

Best gold-selling guys ever:)

WOW EU Gold|Frostmane Alliance|Gold 62000, 2013-03-13  An***Soglo

help me all the way through until i got my order....very nice. thank you

Lineage2 Adena|Chronos|Adena 500M, 2013-03-10  t**collins

Hellens, support was very great and im greatful that she was the one that helped me!
Thanks again Ogz.

WOW EU Gold|Stormreaver Alliance|Gold 30000, 2013-03-13  A****Jönsson

helped me alot, i had some trobles with the iphone app, and she helped me gladly. was very happy such nice custumer service theres here. allweys put a smile on my face then i talk to someone :)

WOW EU Gold|Ravencrest Alliance|Gold 85000, 2013-03-14  ja****sølvsten

order delivered in 5mins, perfect.thank you Itemgarden <3

Diablo 3 Gold|EU Normal|Gold 1110M, 2013-03-14  G****Kuppers

i didn't placed the order but Linda has been polite and kind as usual. Placing the order later, dun have time now (work)

Diablo 3 Gold|EU Normal|Gold 1102M, 2013-03-14  Ma****Bossi

Excellent service, super fast delivery, i will come back soon

WOW EU Gold|Magtheridon Alliance|Gold 60000, 2013-03-14  Edu****Bernardo

the service was great from start to finish great communication i will certainly be back again!!

----WOW EU Gold|Sylvanas Horde|Gold 31000, 2013-02-13  si***gray

Very helpful and understanding, simply the best service i could get!

----WOW EU Gold|Frostmane Horde|Gold 36000, 2013-02-16  per***tröm

there wont be a day, were you could serve me beather. i have bin using this side for gold/credits for 3-4 years. and there have never bin a singel problem. and always fast deliver. have also given this site to my friends, and they felt the same thing. So i giva me thanks to itemgarden.and a big Thx to susana for thaking the time to talk whit me :) so i hope you all at item garden have a great day :) cuse i wil supurt you soon agen.

Star Wars(EU) Gold|Tombd of Freedon Nadd -Empire|Credits 5000K, 2013-02-16  Jan Gabriel*****lsen

what i can say.. fast and good support :) ever time i need with help it solved :D

----WOW EU Gold|Kazzak Horde|Gold 102000, 2013-02-16  Krist*****Nilsson

This is for sure the best support/service i've ever got on itemgarden. Really really nice! And i'm glad that i buyed from itemgarden! 10/10

----WOW EU Gold|Shattered Hand Horde|Gold 101000, 2013-02-17  So***Sonne

itemgarden its my favourite site to buy somethink from my games in the word.low prices and fast delivery.thanks itemgarden

----Aion(EU) Gold|UK Telemachus Elyos|Kinah 80M, 2013-02-18  Nick*****laidis

very quick service, and polite , ill come back thanks

----WOW EU Gold|Garona Horde|Gold 72000, 2013-02-19  sir****chael

I'm very happy with the service I get here, will be used in the future!Very fast delivery.

----Diablo 3 Gold|EU Normal|Gold 882M, 2013-02-19  Chr******Johannessen

Fast and polite service =) easy and helpfull to summerise up.

----WOW EU Gold|Argent Dawn Alliance|Gold 52000,2013-01-20  erik****emark

You did great. I've honestly nothing to complain about. Best.Goldservice.Ever.Thank you once again. :)

----Diablo 3  Gold|EU Normal|Gold 442M, 2013-01-24  Glenn***ldal

very very nice and helpful as well as exhaustive!

----WOW EU Gold|Nemesis Horde|Gold 30000 Gold, 2012-12-20, Bruno****

Very very good site. Very helpful people aswell and fast deliveries!

----WOW EU Gold |Sylvanas Horde|Gold 39000 Gold, 2012-12-21, Charl****Almgren

Nice support and always fast delievery.. thanks!

----Diablo 3 Gold |EU Normal|Gold 57m Gold, 2012-12-22, Mikael****kangas

Excelent! What a great one of your clients are (Cindy) Really helpful nice and provides ALOT of info and answears question straight away and even without all the sorry here and sorry there its just right to the case! love it thanks again!

----WOW EU Gold |Burning Blade Horde|Gold 111000 Gold, 2012-12-23, Sondre***gsør-***land

Very good! and fast delivery!

----WOW EU Gold |Stormscale Horde|Gold 12000 Gold, 2012-12-23, Danne*****lgren

Very good service and good understanding.

---- WOW EU Gold |Grim Batol Horde|Gold 50000 Gold, 2012-12-24, Hl****Kristjansson

Quick and gave me the information i needed.

----WOW  EU Gold|Argent Dawn Alliance|Gold 36000,2013-01-20,Andr***Brønnum


Very quick and good responses! Well done!

----WOW EU Gold|Aszune Alliance|33000 Gold, 2012-12-07, Per FrodeJohan****

Very good service from the person I talked to, she stayed with me and was very nice to talk to.

----WOW EU Gold|Emerald Dream Alliance|30000 Gold, 2012-12-09, Dan***Jansson

I talked to this lady Nancy and she was EXTREMLY helpfull! She took me step by step and when my firefox crashed I got ahold of her again and she helped me some more! Awesome that you guys could help me so good even though I just ordered a 10k gold order. But to say thanks I ordered another 10k and I will recomend this to ALL my friends!

----WOW EU Gold|Outland Horde|15000 Gold, 2012-12-11, Osc**Johansson

Very polite and professional, great service!

---- WOW EU Gold|Doomhammer Alliance|41000 Gold, 2012-12-05, Adr***Lyshoel

As Its the first time Im using it Im was very glad that it didnt take that long time and being met polite with "Cindy" nice staff.

----WOW EU Gold|Bloodfeather Horde|43000 Gold, 2012-11-23, Christof******son

Great and super fast!!

----Diablo 3 Gold|EU Normal |88 M Gold, 2012-11-21, alis****jones

Got the gold verry fast, and good help 10/10!

----WOW EU Gold|Stormscale Horde|63000 Gold, 2012-11-19, Dan***Brems

best time yet!! didnt take 3 min!! wow!

---- WOW EU Gold|Bloodscalp Horde|99000 Gold, 2012-10-11, Os***Winqvist

He or She helped me good i dont have any negative feedback.

----WOW EU Gold|The Maelstrom Alliance|63000 Gold, 2012-11-29, Ti**Diphoor*

I had a very nice and fast service. The customer service that helped me was very polite, and honost. Im very happy buying gold from here because the good and fast service. Very good job :)

----WOW EU Gold|Aszune Horde|76000 Gold, 2012-11-24, E***Bjerkaas

Great service and very fast! 5min after i asked if there vere gold in stock, i got the gold :)

WOW EU Gold|Grim Batol Alliance|171000 Gold, 2012-11-29, Andr***Langfeldt