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Only EUR 0.69/1000G! In stock! Lowest price and timely delivery!

From now on, has farmed lots of stocks,at the same time ,for these servers(as following) : Outland Alliance Ravencrest Alliance Draenor Horde Frostmane Alliance Silvermoon Alliance Grim Batol Alliance Kazzak Horde Stormscale Horde Twisting Nether Horde Tarren Mill Horde Al'Akir Horde We have enough stocks and can ensure the orders will be completed in a day.we will batch process your orders on everyday timing(From GMT 6:00 to 8:00 AM). For your orders, as long as you are in the game ,we will trade you face to face preferentially .otherwise we will send the items to your in game mailbox directly ,please check it in time. If you have any problem,please contact us by livehelp or email([email protected])timely. Welcome to you.