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Do you know about the Feast of Winter Veil of wow?

    Do you know about the Feast of Winter Veil of wow?

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   The Feast of Great Winter, which brings many changes for players, is celebrated in Azeroth.

   It originated in a legend character: Greatfather Winter—an old man wearing large cloak who came with winter. The snow, seemed as his white mantle, stretched to the horizon. Parties and celebrations came from folklore. People believed that when Greatfather Winter arrived in Azeroth and then was welcomed warmly, they would get fortunes from him.

   Therefore, the festival makes many people gather together and look forward to sharing happiness on the end of winter and the begin of the new year.

   By taking part on the Day, you can get more awards, such as pets, the Christmas tree was cut down, the Fresh Holly, Snowball and Football as well as other achievements and title. Also, you can increase your intellect by the recipes.