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How to get wow gold?

Wow gold is an important item in the game, it is hard to get wow gold in a short time, there are some tips:
1. Mining. There are so many places can mine, and high-class ore can auction a lot of wow gold in salesroom, so some skills must be held.
2. Killing monsters. You can attack various monsters in game, and different rewards will be acquired if you attack different monsters, including wow gold.
3. Completing quest. Different levels can accept different quests, you will get some rewards (such as wow gold) when you finish a task.
4.Gathering herbs. You can also get wow gold if you gather herbs and sell them.
5.Selling equipments and items. If you sell different kinds of items and equipments which you owned, you will win different amount of gold.
6.RMT is always a part of MMORPG game, you can buy cheap wow gold through it, which can save your time and make you enjoy the game better.
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