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Read our Frequently Asked Questions

How can I start a purchase?
Please select the game, server, the item quantity and so on, then submit the form and send the payment to us.
How can I pay for my order?
We accept the payment via paypal from customers. You can send payment out according to the guide of the page after submitting your order form.
What is the "Game checkpass" in the order?
It’s an easy watchword generated by you which can confirm that if the player who trade with us is yourself when delivery man meets you.DO NOT offer the REAL password of your paypal, bank account or any other important password in your life as the watchword. We will keep secret for your “Game checkpass”, but we DO NOT take on any result if you offer the REAL IMPORTANT password in your REAL life.
How long shall I wait for the item(s) I ordered?
If your order and payment information can pass our checking, we will deliver goods to you in 30~40 minutes after your payment come in.
Can I track my order(s) status?
If you Sign up, you can enter into “Trace order” and check the status of your order(s).
Why I can't get the item(s) I ordered? And what shall I do then?
Please read the "Trade Process" [Lineage2] [FFXI] [WOW EU] [WOW US] [AOC EU] [AOC US] [Warhammer Online EU] [Warhammer Online US] first before placing order. And we publish the major reasons here as follows:
  • Your order or payment can’t pass our checking. Please check your paypal email or paypal account to check if you get the refund from us. For the orders which can’t pass the checking, we will refund in 45 minutes after getting the payment. If you don't get adena and refund, please get in touch with our live help operator.
  • You pay the order via echeck or some other pending payment method. Then we will send email to your paypal email address to arrange the trade time and location, when the payment is cleared. It will take 4~5 working days to clear the payment if there is no any problem.
  • The server name or character name is not correct. Please check your contact email or paypal email, we will send you a letter for the correction.
Can I make a fraud here?
Top takes any sort of fraud extremely seriously. Whether it is paypal fraud/credit card fraud, or internet fraud, we completely cooperate with paypal, as well as local, state, and federal law enforcement officials to apprehend the individuals or groups behind this. is committed to the prevention and prosecution of any kind of fraud. Some of our fraud prevention measures include:

IP logger, for verification and tracking (we know your IP address)
Contacting Paypal to retain customer telephone numbers (We might call you)
Email/Chat logs
Verification of telephone number and address (we only accept paypal payments that include a CONFIRMED SHIPPING ADDRESS)

In the rare event that a fraudulent order passes our screening process, we will report the fraudulent activities to the appropriate legal authorities and provide those authorities with the necessary information to complete an arrest and prosecution. Your ISP will be notified of your fraudulent activities and they will punish you according to their User Agreement and/or Acceptable User Policies. We might also initiate civil action against you, depending on the ammount of money involved with your fraudulent activities. All information supplied to the appropriate authorities will include, but is not limited to purchase history, IP addresses, Chat history, email history, email IP addresses, customer telephone numbers, and customer addresses associated with paypal.

In other words, if you want to defraud a website, this is not the website to try it!
Conviction on Credit Card Fraud Carries Penalties of 10 Years Imprisonment and/or a $10,000 Fine!

U.S.C. Title 18, Section 3056, Subsection (b), specifically authorizes the United States Secret Service to detect and arrest any person who violates federal criminal laws relating to credit card fraud and related activity in connection with computers and/or access devices.